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Taqua demos 'IMS core in a rack' solution for delivery of converged services
Announced Date: 4/29/2010 Published Date: 4/29/2010

Taqua has showcased its 'IMS core in a rack' solution at the Rural Cellular Association Convention and Expo in Las Vegas. The product is designed to enable service providers to quickly deploy converged services across wireless and wireline networks.

Taqua MobileWorks 'IMS core in a rack' allows operators to deliver a set of voice, messaging and presence-based applications based on an IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) and Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) standards framework.

The solution supports existing mobiles over new femto, pico and/or macro cells to leverage lower cost last mile broadband IP networks, and is compliant with the global Voice over LTE initiative to support service delivery over 4G devices.

The same 'IMS core in a rack' also enables the operator to replace a Class 4/5 network and deliver advanced converged applications across legacy TDM and IP-based networks.

At the heart of the Taqua MobileWorks 'IMS core in a rack' is the Taqua T7000 Intelligent Switching System (T7000) and the Mavenir mOne convergence platform. Together, the systems can enable rapid delivery of mobile VoIP, converged IP messaging (CPM) and presence enabled rich communications services.

The solution utilises network components including subscriber databases, such as the HLR, and IN services platform to provide service parity across service domains. The system integrates with existing messaging core to cap legacy investments and simplify the transition of SMS and MMS to IMS based networks.

Combined with PDSN equipment, the Taqua MobileWorks 'IMS core in a rack' is a field proven solution that can reduce cost of entry, accelerate enhanced service deployment and provide a transition to a single all-IP voice core for any mobile access including 2G, 3G, WiMAX and LTE.

The initial product release focuses on the CDMA networks where existing MSCs can be capped and new growth can be served by the Converged IMS Solution. The solution is already deployed with a regional carrier in North America.