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Calix introduces solution featuring AXOS-based access nodes, Compass software for MDU market
Announced Date: 4/19/2016 Published Date: 4/20/2016

Calix has announced the introduction of a new solution for delivering an enhanced broadband experience to residents in apartments, dormitories and other multi-dwelling unit (MDU) buildings.

Calix noted that MDUs can be subject to broadband performance issues due to congestion, building access challenges, retrofit restrictions and old copper and coaxial cabling, and as a result residents have been disproportionately underserved. The new solution from Calix allows the delivery of improved broadband experience to the estimated one billion people worldwide that live in MDUs.

The new end-to-end solution from Calix combines wireline and wireless technologies with advanced software to enable service providers to deliver and manage an enhanced broadband experience for what Calix terms 'people packed in places'.

Calix's solution consists of AXOS-based access nodes designed to eliminate building access constraints, Compass cloud software for remote management and service quality analytics, and and Ethernet-connected premises systems enabling carrier class WiFi. Service providers can employ these elements in three ways to address MDU subscribers, as outlined below.

Subscriber self-care

The new Calix solution includes features and applications designed to improve operational efficiency through subscriber self-care. The Compass software can allow service providers to leverage self-care to reduce costs and provide a quality broadband service.

NetValet is a Calix subscriber smartphone application that enables controls for managing home WiFi settings, while northbound APIs for Consumer Connect Plus enable service providers to integrate the features of NetValet into their mobile applications. In addition, the 844E GigaCenters supports self-installation and provides service provider with visibility, management and control of the service remotely using Consumer Connect Plus.

Carrier–class WiFi

Utilising the carrier class WiFi features of Calix's GigaFamily and Compass software, service providers can reduce WiFi-related support calls. The 844F GigaCenter can deliver gigabit broadband to each MDU unit via and offers support for advanced WiFi. In addition, the 801F provides a compact termination point for, and GigaCenter software streamlines the installation and configuration process for multiple GigaCenters to be networked together.

Address access constraints

Calix's AXOS-based systems allows service providers to leverage existing copper or coaxial infrastructure to overcome the bandwidth constraints presented by difficult or costly to replace existing in-building wiring. AXOS is SDN native, thereby allowing service providers to use their existing third-party SDN orchestrator to provision and manage the Calix nodes.

The Calix E3-16F DPU is a self-contained and environmentally hardened node designed to overcome MDU access obstacles, while the E5-16F is a compact node that can be deployed in basements and closets using AC power. Both systems feature vectoring and bonding for optimised performance over existing wiring.