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Telefonica and Ericsson provide LTE-based Internet access in the Peruvian Amazon
Announced Date: 12/18/2014 Published Date: 1/16/2015

Telefonica Peru and Ericsson are jointly implementing a project to provide Internet access via 4G/LTE to governmental entities, such as schools and healthcare centres, in the Peruvian Amazon that extends over 500,000 sq km during 2015.

This is believed to be the first project in Latin America to use 4G technology as fixed wireless Internet access in remote rural areas with difficult geography.

Research carried out by Ericsson and analyst firm Arthur D. Little estimates that for every 10 percentage point increase in broadband, the GDP of a nation increases by 1%, Providing Internet access will not only help reduce the digital gap, but also provide people in this isolated area with access to online content.