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Telx introduces Connect Portfolio of interconnection services for data centre, cloud, PoP colocation infrastructure
Announced Date: 2/28/2012 Published Date: 2/28/2012

Telx has launched the Connect Portfolio, a family of scalable interconnection service options for establishing data centre, IT, cloud or point of presence (PoP) colocation infrastructures.

The Connect Portfolio gives customers connectivity choice in all 17 C3 Cloud Connection Centres by Telx and can provide services that adapt quickly to changing bandwidth needs.

The Connect Portfolio provides connectivity options and purpose-built communities tailored to meet the needs of communications service providers, financial markets firms, enterprise data networks, carrier transport networks and cloud architectures. Organizations simply 'mix and match' services from the Telx Connect Portfolio to exchange services with other providers or enterprise networks.

Additionally, the Connect Portfolio allows any business to integrate legacy or new IT infrastructures for service extension. Options include:

  1. Dynamic Connect: delivering the most scalability, options include EtherConnect (formerly Ethernet Exchange), Video Conferencing Connect (formerly Video Exchange) and Carrier Connect (formerly Virtual Exchange).

  2. Direct Connect: a transparent and high-bandwidth solution delivering the most options available for ultra low latency connectivity. Through the use of Cross Connect, Direct Connect enables circuit interconnections of every physical media type through passive interconnection panels.

  3. IP Connect: a platform providing direct access to best-of-breed IP networks within Telx C3 data centres, via Telx Internet Exchange (TIE) and Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) products.

  4. Network Connect: enables businesses to establish network nodes, data centres and infrastructure platforms across multiple locations. Offerings include Metro Connect, a way to connect between Telx C3 data centres and non-Telx centres located in the same geographical market area.

The Connect Portfolio is complemented by CBX Online, an online community that gives customers a cost-free marketing or service discovery tool, in addition to traditional customer service portal capabilities.