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06/23/2009 Ethos Networks and NSN participate in OIF multi-vendor interoperability demonstration
06/08/2009 OIF to hold global interoperability demos at events in France, Japan and U.S.
05/19/2009 OIF tests interoperability of EVPL in control and data planes with ten vendors
12/08/2008 OIF enhances ITLA-MSA with non-interrupting off-grid tuning feature, integrates with modulator for ITTA-MSA
11/17/2008 OIF launches 100G long haul DWDM transmission module project, approves SFI-S IA, elects members
10/03/2008 OIF launches FEC project to address propagation issues in 100 Gbit/s long distance DWDM transport applications
08/15/2008 OIF details 100 Gbit/s long-haul DWDM transmission project, selects DP-QPSK modulation for photonic components
05/27/2008 OIF launches 100 Gbit/s LH DWDM project to develop transmission IA for modulation format + receiver approach
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