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10/24/2013 AimValley releases V2.0 of EX14 transport network interface device
09/27/2013 OE Solutions and AimValley sample TSoP Smart XFP with OC-48/STM-16 interface
03/18/2013 EANTC confirms multi-vendor interoperability testing of SDN with Carrier Ethernet, IPv6 and MPLS
10/22/2012 AimValley introduces EX14 Transport NID for mobile backhaul, business Ethernet
09/13/2012 OE Solutions and AimValley extend TSoP Smart SFP modules to include OC-12/STM-4
09/07/2012 OE Solutions and AimValley add Y.1731 support to Smart SFP portfolio
09/04/2012 AimValley appoints Frank Segers as head of sales to support growth
08/31/2012 AimValley and Alcatel-Lucent propose transparent SDH/SONET over packet standard
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