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  Altair Semiconductor Ltd
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07/02/2013 Altair raises $25m funding to support expanding global LTE deployments
12/18/2012 D2 completes RCS VoLTE interoperability testing with Altair, GCT LTE modems, Lantiq gateway
08/28/2012 Altair FourGee 4G LTE chipset certified for Verizon Wireless network
06/20/2012 Ericsson demos bidirectional LTE TDD/TDD handover using Altair chipset over live network
01/10/2012 Altair unveils IMS-compliant LTE platform based on FourGee chipset + Ecrio mobile client software
10/12/2011 ZTE to build TD-LTE-compatible network for Softbank in Japan, partners with Altair on trial
08/19/2011 Altair claims record 100 Mbit/s download speed in live demo of TD-LTE chipset
04/13/2011 Altair Semiconductor, supplier of LTE chipsets, raises $26m in new funding for expansion, product development
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