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  Accumux Technologies Inc
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03/10/2004 Oplink acquires Accumux's tunability, chromatic dispersion skills, advances photonic foundry strategy
03/27/2003 Accumux etalon-based DCM offers dispersion compensation from 336 to 2,688 ps/nm
03/24/2003 Accumux intros dynamically tunable dispersion compensation module extending to 200 km of SMF-28
09/16/2002 Accumux demos dynamically tunable etalon based dispersion compensation module at NFOEC
04/30/2002 Accumux intros etalon-based 80-channel dispersion compensation at 100 GHz for C + L bands
03/27/2002 1-year old Accumux claims 2 year lead in etalon-based dispersion compensation
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