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  Aleron Broadband Services LLC
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10/26/2004 Cogent makes sixth acquisition in 2004, buying customer base and network of multinational Tier 1 ISP Aleron Broadband
04/07/2003 Aleron joins Switch and Data's SingleCNXT-i program
05/16/2002 PowerNet Global Communications to purchase assets of Tier 1 backbone IP network provider Aleron
03/25/2002 Universal Access withdraws guidance due to customer bankruptcy but financial position still sound +
03/22/2002 IP network services provider Aleron files for bankruptcy
02/20/2002 Telco consolidation +
02/20/2002 6-month old global IP services provider Aleron gets quick results from all-MPLS network
01/14/2002 Aleron announces new 2.5 Gbit/s IP network infrastructure using MPLS technology
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