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  Aelis Photonics Inc
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02/11/2004 Dispersion compensation specialist Aelis Photonics add ex-JDSU VP Dr Alka Swanson to advisory board
03/25/2003 Aelis Photonics optical equalisation available 2004 can save "millions of $ per link"
03/21/2003 Aelis Photonics hires Alan Willner to help launch its optical equalization technology
06/14/2002 Aelis Photonics apppoints Tel Aviv University professor Anthony Weiss as Chief Scientist
02/20/2002 17-month old, $2.3m funded, adaptive equaliser co Aelis Photonics hires CyOptics CEO
09/06/2001 Recent 40 Gbit/s signal processing system startup Aelis Photonics gets $2.3m seed funding
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