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  AlfaLight Inc
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03/01/2011 Alfalight receives investment from In-Q-Tel as part of agreement to develop military laser systems
01/19/2010 Alfalight extends 808-nm laser diode range with higher brightness 3.5W 6-pin series
01/27/2009 Alfalight unveils surface-emitting DFB laser diode with on-chip wavelength stabilisation technology
01/14/2009 Alfalight unveils wavelength-stabilised 0.65 W, 808 nm single emitter pump diode laser in SFF 3 mm Q-mount package
12/08/2008 Alfalight unveils 940 nm, 6W uncooled multimode laser diode for cladding-pumped telecom fibre amplifiers
10/28/2008 Alfalight to develop high-brightness laser diode pump sources under 1-year, $1.36m Army Research Lab program
01/21/2008 Alfalight unveils AM6-808B / BW laser pump diodes offering 5 W output at 808 nm developed under DARPA-sponsored SHEDS program
01/21/2008 Alfalight introduces AM6-940B single-emitter laser pump diode delivering 10 W output at 940 nm for industrial applications
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