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  Alpheus Communications LP
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04/12/2016 Alpheus expands fibre network to further 2,400 near-net buildings in Houston, Dallas and Austin
08/17/2015 Alpheus completes 4th fibre network expansion, adds further 1,000 near-net buildings
04/21/2015 Alpheus continues fibre network expansion in Dallas, Houston and Austin
03/02/2015 Alpheus and GVTC Communications establish NNI agreement
02/05/2015 SYSTEMSEVEN selects Alpheus for fibre transport and MPLS service in Austin
01/21/2015 Austin Convention Center renews agreement with Alpheus for network services
08/07/2014 Alpheus acquires retail colocation unit of StratITsphere in Texas
07/01/2014 Alpheus expands fibre network in Dallas and Houston
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