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About Optical Keyhole

Optical Keyhole is a twenty-year old publisher of telecommunications newsletters and market research with global reach.

The mission of Optical Keyhole is to provide the most complete and continuously updated source of information on telecommunications infrastructure, including optical communications and wireless networking, as well as commentary on related industries and developments that may have an impact on the industry.

To this end, we provide a daily newsletter, which not only has the largest subscriber base in the industry for any newsletter of its type, but is also carried by the Dow Jones/Reuters premium service.

Optical Keyhole also carries a continuously updated series of interviews with key players in the industry, some of which are presented as informative profiles, while others are intended as briefings on specific events.

In addition, we have nearly ten years experience in preparing, recording and delivering video presentations and interviews, many of which can be accessed freely by users of this web site.

In order to maintain an up-to-date outlook, news headlines are updated several times throughout each working day.

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